Dec 2020

90min | documentary | JO / DE | Shaghab Films, Tondowski Films | in post-production A clique of Arab, Kurdish and Roma teenage girls navigate their way into womanhood in the German province. Seeking ways to overcome disguised discrimination and familial pressures, the girls stage their conflicts and wildest dreams in front of the camera. […]

A calling from the desert to the sea

4.8 (Imdb)
16mins Nov 2022

16min | Short Fiction | JO / DE | Shaghab Films, Film Akademie Baden Württemberg Logline: To avert a predetermined fate, twelve-year-old Yasmin and her older sister Ahlam escape beyond the boundaries set by their father, defying an enemy that lies within in order to reach a mythical sea. Format: 4K / Color ( 25 […]


4.6 (Imdb)
10mins Dec 2020

10min | animated documentary | JO / FR | Shaghab Films, Piano Sano Films | in production At an overcrowded airport, Ahlam, a 14-year old runaway mother, fights the lurking shadows that attempt to steal the only dream that will set her free. funded by: Doha Film Institute, Jordan Film Fund, CNC